Our Philosophy

Our mission is to create sustainable Yoga & Activewear with integrity. We care about our environment, animals, plants, people, water, pollution and waste. We strongly believe beautiful clothes and respecting our environment can go hand in hand.

At Luna & Soul Active, we take a simple approach to product design. Our values reflect our love for the planet we live in and drive to protect it for the next generation. 

The fashion industry has a major impact on our environment and we work hard to reduce this. Only sustainable, natural, biodegradable, toxin-free, recycled and ethically sourced raw materials are used for our premium clothing. Our cotton is organic, rather than pesticide-intensive cotton. Our slow fashion yogawear range is cruelty and animal fibre free and therefore completely vegan. We are plastic free, recycle and reuse our packaging whenever we can. 

We encourage a more mindful way of life and most of all, we believe in kindness, always. 

Whether you’re holding your yoga pose, lifting that bar, pushing your pram, walking your dog, attending a boot camp class or kicking that bag. Being active without compromising our environmental values is very important to us.

Our clothes can be worn whilst working out, practising yoga, meditating, meeting friends, running your daily errands or simply as comfortable homeware. Our feminine studio to street look is versatile and can be combined and re-styled with your favourite yoga clothes, jacket, jewellery and shoes. 

Being active has a positive impact on our bodies and souls. Why can’t we take this one step further and ensure the clothes we wear whilst being active also have a positive impact? We believe beautiful clothes and respecting our environment can go hand in hand. We also support others by paying fair prices for our production and giving small businesses access to the global market.

But our commitment to mindfulness doesn’t stop there. Being active is something most of us take for granted, but there are those who have physical challenges that prevent them from taking part in physical activities. That's why a portion of each sale goes to SpinalCure Australia to help those in need. Opting for Luna & Soul Active helps fund good causes such as this so everyone can have the chance to be active.

Where did our name come from?

​We are all connected. To each other, to nature on our planet, the sun and moon. Our name stems from two sources of influence in our lives: the moon (whose phases affect the ebb and flow of ocean tides as well as our own mental and physical wellbeing) and physical activity. It is this sense of connection to our environment and our soul through physical activity and mindfulness that inspired our brand name 'Luna & Soul'.